Arriving to India

We finally landed in Delhi’s airport after 12 hours traveling. A bit tired and personally a bit scared of what was waiting outside the airport, I was really looking forward to hitting the bed. But the day had still a couple of surprises ahead of us…

The first surprise came when we went to collect our bags, my backpack didn’t arrive. For some reason the bag with the items that I had so carefully been packing for days didn’t make it to the London – Delhi flight. An hour later and after some paperwork to arrange the bag delivery to our hotel, we were ready to leave the airport.

A driver from the hotel was waiting outside to pick us up and bring us to the hotel. We got into the car and with no seatbelt (which for some reason they don’t use in India) we faced our first experience of the crazy Indian traffic. I was panicking… especially when the driver decided to go against the traffic just to save some time.

The second ‘surprise’ came once we arrived to the hotel, as we were told that they had no rooms available. They offered to re-alocate us in another hotel from the same chain of hotels one minute walking distance from where we were. As the room in the other hotel was fine, we went ahead with the re-alocation (it was 3am we didn’t really have any other choice). We will never know if this was real or a scam, but we were exhausted and all we wanted to do was rest.

Finally time to sleep!


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