My backpack arrived! It was definitely a relieve to see it back at the hotel. A bit more relaxed I was now able to start getting ready to face the busy streets of Delhi.

We decided to take our first day in Delhi quietly, we just wanted to walk around a little bit, to have something to eat and do a bit of sightseeing. My first impression after just 10 minutest was that Delhi is a complete chaos, the unmanageable traffic, the large amount of people in the streets, the extreme poverty, the cheeky tuk tuk and rikshaws drivers offering their services every two steps, the constant horns of the cars and motorbikes, the heat, the intense smell of the streets, the innumerable scammers trying to get your money,…

We visited Bazar Road (busy hotel and market district), Connaugh Place (center of New Delhi) and the India Gate. We even decided to adventure ourselves into what had been described to us like an “unforgettable” experience: the Metro. While getting in was easy and almost peaceful… getting out was at least a challenge As soon as we arrived to our stop, and we tried to get out people kicked us out and I almost lost a shoe! We finished our first day with a rikshaw ride and enjoying a lovely dinner at the rooftop restaurant of Vivek Hotel with a Kingfisher (thanks Ibai for the recommendation!).

On our day 2 in Delhi we dared to take a tuk tuk to go to Old Delhi, where we visited the Red Fort (famous sandstone fort) and Jama Masjid (biggest mosque in India) and Chandni Chowk (busy bazaar in Old Delhi).

Overall I have to say that visiting Delhi has been a fantastic experience. It has definitely been eye opening and we are looking forward to coming back to India in about a month to continue exploring this incredible country and its people! Next time in Delhi we are hoping to see Rajesh (Isma’s friend) and his family.


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