The start of our trip

After weeks of research, preparation and packing, the 17th of October was finally here, it was the day we were starting our adventure. Our flight was leaving at 7am from Madrid’s airport so a very early start of the day was required.

Isma and I met at the airport, and we checked-in the backpacks that we are going to carry around the world. Of course to make the beginning of the trip a little bit more interesting and because of overbooking, we didn’t get seats for the London – Delhi leg of the flight. We were advised to sort this out once we would arrive to London. So both excited and nervous, we were ready, it’s was time to say goodbye to Isma’s dad, my sister and her boyfriend who came with us to the airport.

Once in London, and after running from terminal 3 to terminal 5 (our 1st flight was delayed for over 30 mins) we arrived to British Airways desk to find out we had seats and that we had been upgraded to Economy Plus, which was for sure much nicer than just Economy. Next stop Delhi!


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