Nepali beverages

As well as local dishes we also wanted to give it a go to the different local beverages, here are some of the ones we tried during our stay in Nepal.

None Alcoholic Beverages


The Nepali tea, which I can keep drinking for hours! Chiya, which is commonly known as milk tea is made by boiling tea with hot milk & water and adding to it sugar, a bit of ginger, cardamom or pepper.

Tibetan Tea

Tibetan Tea = Butter tea. Milk tea to which they add rancid butter.Tried once it is enough… I think I still have the taste of that rancid butter after two weeks…


Lassi is a drink of curd mixed with water that can be drunk plain or with fruit. It is a very tasty and refreshing kind of milkshake, the banana lassi is lovely.

Seabuckthorn Juice

We tried the Seabuckthorn juice high up in the mountains when we were just a couple of days away from reaching Thorong La. Seabuckthorn seem to be some kind of berries that grow in the hillls which are quite difficult to find. The juice was served warm and had a peach & orange like flavor. The best of it… the views of the place where we had it with the Annapurnas as the background!

Marpha Apple Juice

Fresh juice made of the lovely Marpha apples, great to calm the thrust from the long walk along the desert in the Mustang district.

Alcoholic Beverages


These are the local beers that we tried. While all are quite light they are nice to drink, our favorite one is Gorkha.

  • Everest
  • Nepal Ice
  • Gorkha
  • Kathmandu


Apart from beers we tried a couple of other local beverages:


It is a home made firewater made of rice or millet. Raksi is very common in the hill villages. We tried it during our trek around the Annapurnas.


Tonga is a drink made of fermented millet served in a jug. They pour hot water in the jug and you drink it with a straw. Once finished you can keep adding more hot water until the alcohol and the flavor run out.

Strange wine-y/firewater-y flavor but in our opinion nicer than Raksi. We tried Tonga to celebrate the completion of the trek!


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