Our visit to Rajesh

We did not want to leave India without visiting my former colleague and friend Rajesh, who is living with his family in the outskirts of Delhi, Gurgaon, so before heading to Agra and Rajasthan we decided to pay him a visit.

We were very excited to spend a weekend with an Indian family, and we were not disappointed at all. Rajesh’s wife, Beena, was lovely and great host, she made us feel welcomed from the very first moment and she cooked many delicious Indian dishes for us. Rajesh’s kid, Ankit, shy at first, ended up calling us bhaiya and didi, elder brother and sister. Every day from the moment he woke up he was ready to play with us. Though he normally likes playing cricket, we got him a small football and I was able to teach him how to kick it, maybe in a few years we’ll see him playing football and not only cricket. Aside games, he loves watching Doraemon and Shin Chan, and he has become the boss of the TV, so now all the family have to watch it, which was not a problem for us as we like those too!

For two days, I had time to catch up with Rajesh while Marta learned from Beena many aspects of an Indian family. Of course, both of them were always making sure we had a cup of chai in our hands, definitely the best chai we have had in India!

Unaware as we are of the Indian customs, we were surprised when they gave us presents. It seems it is a tradition to give presents to your guests on their first visit. Beena got Marta a beautiful kurti (indian dress) and accessories, and Rajesh got me a nice kurta (indian shirt). We will happily wear them in and outside India.

Thanks Rajesh and Beena for making us feel at home for a couple of days, definitely we were treated as gods! We are looking forward to seeing you again, but next time in Spain!


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