A bit of Thailand served on a plate

Thai cuisine is well known all over the world. These days, with Thai restaurants everywhere, most of us have probably tried or heard of Pad Thai and Green Thai Curry even before visiting this tasty country.

Over the years, Thai food has been influenced by neighbor countries such as India, China, Lao… And while fried rice, beef in oyster sauce… can be found in most of the menus, Thailand still preserves its own unique identity with signature dishes like Pad See Ew or Tom Yum soup.

Every town big or small has at least one fresh food market where locals do the day to day shopping. Meet, fish, vegetables, fruit, rice, noodles, tea, spices, clothes, cooking utensils, fried insects… you name it and you find it! We both love to wonder around the crowded Thai food markets, discovering new types of fruits, being amazed by the variety of rice and noodles, being surprised with new smells (not all of them pleasant I have to say!) and the best of all looking for new flavours to taste.

Fish and rice are the staple of the Thai diet. Fish sauce, oyster sauce and shrimp paste are added to the wok (almost everything is cooked in the wok!) to prepare most of the dishes (even of meat dishes). And rice, both in grain or noodle form, is part of every meal. In addition to fish and rice, fresh herbs and spices are core to the Thai flavours and aromas, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, lemongrass, ginger… are just some of them.

I’m going to let the pictures do all the talking this time!

Pad Thai - Thai style stir fried noodles with eggs, fish and oyster sauce, shrimps, tofu... served with green onions, lime and peanuts. A classic!!

Pad See Ew – Stir fried fresh thick noodles with soy sauce, sugar, broccoli, egg and meat. While simple, one of our top dishes worldwide!

Takoyaki – Japanese ball shaped savory pancake stuffed with octopus or other meats or vegs. Trully addictive!

Green curry – One of my favorites! Sweet soupy curry with lots of little Thai eggplants, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves, meat and other herbs.

Cashew nut chicken – As the name well says, chicken and cashew nuts cooked with soy and oyster sauce, sugar, garlic, onions and chilies.

Noodle Soup – The tastiest stock, with Vermicelli noodles, egg, meat, and vegetables, they bring all the ingredients to the table and then you cook it! We became addicted to this Foe like soup in Chiang Rai.

Thai meat Dumplings – Delicate pork dumplings available at every street market.

Stir fried beef in Oyster sauce

Sticky Rice with Mango (Khao New Ma Maung) - Delicious Thai dessert! Coconut flavored sticky rice served with fresh mango. So sumptuous!

Roti Saimai – Sweet thin crepes with hair thin coloured candy floss. I jumped up and down of happiness when we found it in Bangkok.

Sweet mini pancakes – Mini pancakes with different stuffings

Rice and coconut pancakes

Sticky Rice in Bamboo (Khao laam) - Strange looking I Know, but another delicious sweet dish! Bamboo sticks are stuffed with sticky rice with sugar and coconut milk and then baked for many hours.

Shinga - Thai beer

Iced thai tea – Iced red tea sweetened with sugar, condensed milk and evaporated milk. Sooo delicious, you'll be hyperactive after just two sips!

Pearl Milk Tea – Very sweet drink (tea or fruit syrup based) to which colourful tapioca chewy balls are added. A thick straw is need to “drink” it, strange but fun!

Definitely, Thailand is a paradise for food lovers!!


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