Noodles: The making of

Over the past few weeks we have been indulging our stomachs with tasty fresh rice noodle dishes. We have eaten them thin or thick in many restaurants and we have seen them in almost every market but we still didn’t know how they were made. Until in Muang Sing we had the opportunity to see how a woman was making them at her home. We found it very interesting so we we wanted to share it!

First the rice is grounded. Here it is a manual process but I guess at home a blender can be used.

Next, the rice powder is mixed with water to make a batter.

Third the batter is spread on a flat tray that has been previously oiled so the noodle doesn’t stick.

Fourth the tray is put on a steamer and let it steam for about 1 minute.

After that one minute, the tray is taken out from the steamer and it’s let to cool down in the tray for a few seconds.

Next the noodle is removed from the tray and let cool with some fresh air.

Finally, the noodle is folded and kept aside until is ready to eat in a gorgeous Pad See Ew for example!


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