One more Beerlao!

Of course we couldn’t close the taste of Lao chapter without talking about the drinks, and specially about the famous Beerlao. Beerlao is the country’s insignia, almost more representative than its flag! This lager is light, crisp, refreshing and definitively addictive. The best way to enjoy it is watching the sun set at any bar overlooking the Mekong river. While the locals drink it with ice, we still prefer it just chilled. Oh Beerlao, how much we miss you!

Beerlao - Pato and Pata enjoying a Beerlao

For dark beer lovers, Berlao also has a dark version. Light brown in color and medium body it resembles to an Irish Porter beer. A bit difficult to find, we just tried it once, and we liked it.

Namkhong is the forgotten beer in Lao, even though it has won several international awards. It is a bit lighter than Beerlao and a little bit less flavoursome, so we sticked to our beloved Beerlao.

Aside beers, and for those with a sweet tooth, there is Iced Lao Coffee. Strong Lao coffee served with dollops of condensed milk served in a glass with ice. A day couldn’t go by without one of this!


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