Not only tea and rice & curry

Being so close to India, Sri Lankan flavours undoubtedly show some influence from its neighboring country, though they still conserve their unique personality. Only 10 days in Sri Lanka gave us little time to experience the local gastronomy, but these 10 days were enough to discover that Sri Lanka wasn’t only the land of tea and rice & curry.


The national breakfast are string hoppers. These thin rice noodles are served with egg, coconut sambol, dhal and a plate of fruit on the side. We tried it one morning and we didn’t feel the need to eat anything else until dinner that day!

String hoppers accompanied with egg, coconut sambol and dhal.

Fresh bread served with tomato or coconut sambol was our choice a couple of days. Sambol is a sweet chutney-like mix, being coconut sambol the most famous. We felt in love with this soft and sweet bread. After our night hike to Adam’s Peak we almost ate a full loaf of bread!

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