In Argentina for 6 days

We left San Pedro on a 10 hour bus ride to Salta in Argentina. We were promised stunning scenery and high altitude, and we got both: volcanoes, desert landscape, scary drops, colourful gullies, huge cactus, cute llamas, Andean altiplano and pure white salt flats on a road going over the 4500 metres over sea level to descend again to 1200 metres. Half aspirin and lots of water was our way of combating the possible effects of the high altitude. Aside a small headache, a bit of silliness and constantly going to the toilet all went well and we arrived to Salta in one piece.

Our visit to Argentina was totally unplanned. Since we had very little time left (only 2 months to visit Peru and Bolivia) and we don’t like rushing from one place to another, we had discarded visiting the country of the tango. But everybody in Chile recommended us visiting Salta, which is just across the Andes from San Pedro, and its surroundings. So we thought now that we are so close why not rearrange our route and spend a few days in Argentina? That’s the beauty of travelling without plans!

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