Melbournians for a weekend

In Melbourne, we were once again backpackers on foot in a big city. As we were making our way to the hostel we started to feel a bit claustrophobic, lacking fresh air, trapped in between steel buildings and shopping centres and somehow overwhelmed surrounded by that many people. We were missing the open spaces, the freedom of the campervan and the quiet lifestyle of the countryside. It is really amazing how quickly one can get used to being away from the noise and the civilization. But the one thing we have had to learn in our more than 10 months of travelling is to rapidly adapt to new situations and places, so it didn’t take long for us to start enjoying Melbourne.

Founded in 1835, Melbourne is still a young city. It is known in Australia for its lively atmosphere, the cosmopolitan culinary offer, its live music scene and a bustling nightlife – not for nothing it is called the cultural capital of Australia. We both agreed that it reminded us a little bit to London. Dinning out is really Melbournians most popular hobby, and as we experienced they prefer it al fresco! Neither the heavy rain nor the freezing cold stops them from enjoying a nice cappuccino or a glass of wine at one of the many fancy outdoors restaurants and cafés in the cute small alleys of the city centre. With over 4 million people, Melbourne is the second most populated city in Australia and probably the most diverse and multicultural. We were reminded of it at every step, for example when we went on a imaginary journey to Britain visiting the beautiful lanes and arcades of the city. Or when we were suddenly transported to a Spanish tablao as we listened flamenco on the main street, funny enough they were Ozzies. Or when we imagined ourselves in Athens tasting the most indulgent moussaka walking through Little Greece, surprisingly Melbourne has the 3rd largest Greek population in the world, just after Athens and Thessaloniki. Or when modern and aboriginal art compete to decorate the streets of Melbourne.

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