Tasting Lima

After almost 14 months on the go, finally it was my turn to see a familiar face. My good school friend Javi had recently moved to Lima in search of new opportunities for his company Tenseon, and he kindly offered us to stay at his place. It had been over three years since the last time we had seen each other and to make the reunion even more special we were arriving to Lima the day after his birthday, right on time for the celebrations. Javi had organized a little party in his gorgeous apartment with a few of his friends. The yummy pisco sour and chilcano made by the Peruvians warmed up the atmosphere in no time. Isma and I haven’t really gone out much in the past few months, so just two drinks were enough to get us tipsy. The night ended in a fancy club where we shook our rusty hips. Great night with great people and a fantastic welcome to Lima! We surprised Javi with a blender as a birthday present, the indispensable kitchen gadget that is a must have in Peru, specially for making pisco sour and healthy jugos!

Happy birthday Javi!

We woke up with shore heads, consequence of the pisco. We had already been warned about the effects of this malicious drink, so couldn’t really complain too much. After a bit of breakfast, Javi, our guide for the day, Isma and I walked our hangover around central Lima. Central Lima is the oldest part of the city and where the vestiges of the city’s colonial era remain today. Plaza San Martin and Plaza de Armas were a great example with their beautiful historical buildings. Around 4 pm we made a mandatory stop at a cafeteria to listen online our début on the radio! A few weeks ago we had been interviewed for Levando Anclas, a travel radio show on Radio Euskadi, after Esti, a friend of mine, sent them a mail and the link to our blog. When I was little I used to listen to this very same show every Sunday and now it was me who was on air, so strange and so exciting and the same time! I can’t deny that I was as nervous as hell, but at the end it didn’t turn out that bad.

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