Machu Picchu, an impossible city in the sky

The alarm went off at 4.15am. More asleep than awake we got ready and started walking in the dark, only followed by a couple of stray dogs and just a few other travellers that, like us, wanted to get to Machu Picchu by foot at dawn. The gate at the bridge opened at 5am sharp. The one hour ascending the endless steps sweating, red faced and out of breath was kind of tough, but it didn’t matter, the recompense was near.

Aguas Calientes, walking in the dark

We found Machu Picchu covered in a heavy mist, fog and clouds. We couldn’t really see anything, it was an entirely different landscape to what we had expected. A bit disorientated, and really not knowing in which direction to go, we sat down to rest for a few minutes and to have a bit of breakfast (supposedly you are not allowed to bring any food into Machu Picchu, but nobody checks) before tackling the trek to Huayna Picchu, “Young Peak” in Quechua.

Misty Machu Picchu

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