Luang Prabang Part II

We had planned a second stop in Luang Prabang after our trek, mainly to break in two the long distance between Luang Namtha and Vientiane. The almost 9h bus ride between Luang Namtha and Luang Prabang was anything but short and comfortable. The road, or I should better say path (specially between Oudomxai and Luang Prabang), was as bumpy as hell and the suspensions of the so called VIP bus weren’t really doing their job. We even had to stop a couple of times to throw buckets of water to the wheels to cool down the breaks.

I think we saw the poorest side of Lao during the road trip. The skinny and clunky houses made of wood and bamboo that won’t probably survive a heavy monsoon, the broken clothes of the villagers, the dusty faces of the children…. it all made us realize again that we were in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Strange as it may sound, getting to Luang Prabang felt a little bit like arriving home… I think the reason we felt that way was because we knew the place already. We were staying at the same guest house as last time, so after freshing up we rewarded ourselves with a yummy foe at the night market. Our plan for the one day we were staying in Luang Prabang was clear: visiting Kuang Si waterfalls and trying Lao’s traditional massage and steam bath.

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