I ❤ campervanping

Little had we planned for our two weeks in Western Australia. We only knew we had 11 days to explore the least populated Aussie state before coming back to Perth to catch our next flight. A visit to the tourist office and a chat with a helpful lady made it very clear that unless we had our own vehicle, an “inexpensive” organized tour (as it was described by the lovely lady) was our only option to travel around WA. Disappointed as we were, we started to play with the idea of renting a car or a campervan (we wanted to rent one in Queensland but didn’t intend to do so in Western Australia). And after a bit of research we got to meet Chubby, the most discrete campervan with the naughtiest name, Dirty Sanchez. Name which we had no idea what it meant until a friend of mine kindly facebooked me, friend whose name I won’t reveal to prevent any kind of harassment. Of course this was after I had shared with all my friends and family a picture of me with the van… how embarrassing.

We rented the van for 11 days and we loved it from the second we got it! Even Isma who had never gone camping before was excited with the idea of living on the road. Chubby, a Mitsubishi Express, was perfectly equipped, it had a portable gas cooker, a sink with a water pump, an esky, a camping table and two chairs… It was also very cleverly built and it was very well organized, it had a comfy living area perfect for two people, storage space was available under the seats and what served as lounge during the day transformed into a large bed in minutes. Chubby quickly became our home! Although in comparison with other vans and caravans our one was on the small side, driving it felt like driving a truck. The only drawback of our temporary home was that it wasn’t really prepared for the cold winter nights. The sleeping bags we were given were paper thing, so after barely sleeping the first night we had no choice but to buy a blanket. Now Chubby was complete for the desert Western Australia!

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