A romance between a bridge and an opera house

What to say of one of the most beautiful cities in the world… I don’t know if it’s the magnificent and architecturally challenging bridge, or the delicate and charming opera house, or the stunning and blooming natural setting what make of this city an enchanting place and the scenery of a beautiful romance. Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House are the two main characters of this impossible love story, the two of them looking at each other day and night, so close but yet so far.

We found it impossible not to stare at the two most iconic features of Sydney as we walked around the city. From the harbour or from the sea, at dusk or at night… at every step we discovered a new angle, a new view that we hadn’t photographed and that we had to capture. I won’t exaggerate if I say we took over 100 pictures of the bridge and opera alone in the 3 days we were in Sydney. But probably the view that we liked the most was the view from the other side of the bridge, across the harbour, where the bridge frames the opera house as if protecting his beloved. We spent hours at this spot just enjoying the gorgeous sight. If any Finding Nemo lovers, like me or my sister, ever wondered if 42 Wallaby way was a real place, I’m sorry to disappoint you, it doesn’t exist. Well, it didn’t exist, but because we found this place so special we decided to name it 42 Wallaby Way!

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