Tibetan Yummines!

Yes, I guess that it must be a bit unexpected to read a Tibetan food post within the Indian Food section in our blog but it has a very easy explanation: McLeodGanj! McLeodGanj has a very tight relation with Tibet, and when we were there we saw advertisements for Tibetan cooking courses so we didn’t miss the opportunity. The course consisted of three lessons where we learned how to make Tibetan breads, soups and the famous momos (of which we have been talking so much).

Our first lesson was breads. Sangye showed us how to make Tibetan brown bread, tigmo and bhalek. While the procedure for making the dough was very similar for the three types of breads, the ingredients and the cooking was different.

  • The brown bread, made with whole wheat flour and cooked in a frying pan with a bit of oil, was the sweetest of the three. It’s a great type of bread to have for breakfast with a bit of honey or butter.
  • Bhalek is a thick white bread stuffed with spiced vegetables, that is also cooked in a frying pan with a bit of oil. Tasty but very, very filling!
  • Tigmo was probably the strangest of the three types we cooked. As Bhalek, it is made with white flour but this one is steamed and not fried. It is usually served as accompaniment of fried vegetables, soups..

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Nepali beverages

As well as local dishes we also wanted to give it a go to the different local beverages, here are some of the ones we tried during our stay in Nepal.

None Alcoholic Beverages


The Nepali tea, which I can keep drinking for hours! Chiya, which is commonly known as milk tea is made by boiling tea with hot milk & water and adding to it sugar, a bit of ginger, cardamom or pepper.

Tibetan Tea

Tibetan Tea = Butter tea. Milk tea to which they add rancid butter.Tried once it is enough… I think I still have the taste of that rancid butter after two weeks…


Lassi is a drink of curd mixed with water that can be drunk plain or with fruit. It is a very tasty and refreshing kind of milkshake, the banana lassi is lovely.

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Eating in Nepal

During our stay in Nepal we have been trying different types of local dishes from the different regions (Newari, Thakali, Tibetan, common Nepali). Throughout the history, Nepali food has been influenced by the cuisines of their neighbor countries: India, Tibet, China

These are some of the dishes we have tasted!!

Dal Bhat
The National Nepali dish which they usually eat day and night. It consists of plain rice, dal soup (lentils soup), potatoes, vegetables and pickles. All the ingredients are served on a plate separated and Nepalis mix them all before eating.

The good thing about Dal Bhat is that one can repeat as many times as wanted! But believe us when we say that repeating one or two times it is more than enough. It’s definitely a solid meal, as they say it gives you 24 hours power!

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of Dal Bhat, every time we ordered one we were so hungry that we forgot to take one!

Momos are the Nepali Dumplings. Stuffed with vegetables, meat and/or cheese they can be eaten steamed, fried or in a soup. This is the dish that we have liked the most.
We even tried them stuffed with apple and covered with warm custard… yummy!!

Tibetan Bread
Tibetan Bread is made of wheat flour and water. After making the dough they shape it as a round pancake and they normally make 3 cuts in the middle before frying it in soy bean oil. It can be eaten plain, with honey, butter or jam. This was definitely our favorite breakfast when served with honey! It’s like a fresh made giant flat donut!

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A taste of…

Como somos dos gochos que nos gusta probar de todo, en esta sección iremos contando nuestras experiencias culinarias a lo largo de nuestro viaje. Esperamos que os sirva para que probeis cosas nuevas!

As we are both two food lovers who like trying different flavors, we will be sharing our culinary experiences across the different countries in this section. We hope this helps you try new things!